Denise O’Hagan has an Honours Degree in Botany, post graduate Diploma in Development Studies and a Master of Creative Writing. 

She has poems published in 

· Fresh Ink Anthology (2017) 

· NZ Poetry Society Anthology (2017) 

· Fast Fibres Poetry Five (2018) 

And a short story published in 

· Fresh Ink Anthology (2019) 

She has written three novels

· Our Angels
· The Journey
· The Night of Fire
(publication dates tbc)

Denise has done a 13-month baking challenge and blog
The Baker’s Dozen Bake Off

“While recovering from eye surgery I watched copious amounts of The Great British Bake Off and fell in love with the show. As a treat to myself and just for fun, I decided to do a baking challenge in 2018. I love baking but never have the opportunity or reason to do difficult or challenging cakes and breads, so I decided to bake all the recipes from The Great British Bake-off Big Book of Baking in 13 months and 13 days. That’s over 114 recipes as well as 30 of my own. I have to say, it was fun, but it was very challenging, especially all the technical challenges and showstoppers. But I did it! Here is the link for all you budding bakers out there.”